Remembering 9/11

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Photo of the tragic day of 9/11. Photo Courtesy of

Twenty years ago, on September 11, 2001 in New York City, 2977 lives were lost. Two airplanes crashed into the two towers of the World Trade Center. All these years later, it still affects America, and those who grew up in the aftermath of the attacks. 

Current students at Snow College are around the ages of 18-22. Those students grew up in a world that had always had the attacks in the mind of the masses. Does it still have an affect on them, or without knowing it does it? 

Snow College student Tyler Behunin, born in April of 2001, when asked how it feels to think aboutSeptember 11th, “ It put a darker spin on the world, terrorism and the events caused by it are taught in school at a young age.” On how it changed the world, or even just the United States he said, “Airplanes after that really needed to be prepared for something like that, TSA and overall security went up, to where we see it even twenty years later” 

Do current students think that September 11th will one day be thought about like Pearl Harbor, not forgotten, but not treated in the same light. Tyler said to this “Every year at school, we would go through the day, and always have moments of silence for those lives lost. With this happening every year, it’s unlikely that it will be forgotten in the foreseeable future. The events after the attacks also stick with him, and many other students. The war on terror has left him numb to the idea of war, “We’ve been at war for as long as I’ve been alive” 

As college students they may have a different mindset on these tragic events, because it is just how it’s always been for the society they grew up in. One way to have a different perspective on the day, ask someone who was around, or even closely connected, to the attacks. Ask what they felt watching it live, and how it affected their lives, even across the nation in Utah. 

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