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One of the many struggles that college students face is lack of funding. Once one moves out, they can no longer go to Mom and Dad to ask for money. That’s why so many Snow students begin job searching well in advance to moving to Ephraim.

Ephraim is a small town, and therefore there are many more students than jobs available. This is why so many students have a hard time finding that job to earn money necessary for surviving on their own. “[Finding a job] is hard because most of the jobs are already taken by either other Snow College students or other people in the town,” said freshman Whitney Worthen. “I feel like when there are jobs available, it’s for holiday work when students aren’t around anymore.”

Resident Assistant John Thompson has had his fair share of difficulty finding a job as well. “[The hardest things about finding a job are determining] where to apply, who is hiring, whether or not I have time for a job, or whether or not I have an ‘in’ with the company,” said Thompson. When asked about the rule of RA’s only working on campus, Thompson said, “Being an RA doesn’t really have much effect on finding a job. It just narrows down my choices.”

Many students who have been lucky enough to find jobs in Ephraim work various on-campus jobs, such as Katrina Esplin, who worked for Snow College Food Services. “To get a job, you should get to know people and go through the website (Career Badger). Otherwise it’s much harder to find a job on-campus. Your chances also increase if you do this before the semester starts,” said Esplin about how to find a job.

Career Badger is a resource designed to assist students in finding a job while they are in school. This page can be found on the Snow College website under the “Offices” tab. To log in, Badger ID and Pin are required. Once logged in, one can upload a resume, cover letter, and more, as well as browse not only on-campus jobs, but jobs around Ephraim as well.

Happy job searching!

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