RMPA (Rocky Mountain Psychology Association) Conference

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A psychology research class recently returned from a long-awaited conference in Denver, Colorado. They presented their research on “persuasibility” while dating. Which the participants defined as, “The fear of rejection and how it interferes with who we choose to pursue.”

Over the last month, the students created a research study where guys rated girls based on their physical appearance and approachability. They found on average that most people do not pursue the person they find most attractive. They pursue their second or third choice. For example, on a scale of 1-10 (relating to physical attractiveness), most guys went for the girl who they rated around a five.

Jenessa Ruoho, participant, said how, “Nationally-ranked psychologists would ask questions and to be honest, it was kind of intimidating. But at the same time, it was very exciting. You know more about your topic than this brilliant psychologist and for once, they are asking you the questions.”

Nick Marsing, the psychology professor who lead the students, said, “The conference went really well. The students put a lot of work and time into their research they presented. We had seven groups accepted to RMPA and they had to create a poster to display their research. The posters looked very professional and were up against students in Masters and PhD programs. We were recognized and well received by other four year schools and universities. Overall we had fun and I’m proud of my students and everything they’ve done.”

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