Fun Gift Ideas For Roommates

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The Christmas tree and presents of the besties in apartment C14. Photo by Emily Gayle Marie Parnell.

College students are faced with immense amounts of pressure from varying degrees. One such daunting event that some Badgers may not have expected to face is that of the dread of coming up with Christmas gift ideas for their roommates.

Brainstorming may be a difficult process. When thinking of gifts for roommates, it is important to think of their interests, whether it be their class interests or the various ways they choose to spend their freetime. 

However, in the event that some Badgers do not feel they are close enough with their roommates or know them well, then there is always the option of doing a group gift. This might include matching shirts or another item of clothing. 

If purchasing a gift feels too expensive, there is always the option of making a gift. A lot of the time, a well thought out and creative gift can mean more than a store bought gift. 

Other gift ideas could include practical gifts like decorations, study supplies, kitchen items or even food. As college students, these are the things that we may often take for granted, but can be a decent gift for a roommate. One unique idea could even be a stress reliever, such as a coloring book, candle, socks, or a little care package with their favorite snacks. 

If these ideas are not appealing or do not match for a specific roommate, it may be beneficial to look at card games or board games so that there is an opportunity to spend time getting to know that roommate better. 

Overall, roommate gifts do not have to be grand or exquisite. If there has been thought put into the gift, there is a high chance that it will be appreciated.

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