Rowdy Crowd

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The Rowdy Crowd, also known as the ‘student section’ at Snow College, is located in the middle of the bleachers in the Snow College gymnasium. When you look at the Rowdy Crowd you see a variety of Students who sit together and have their full attention on the intense game! 

Autumn Jensen, a cheerleader at Snow talks about her perspective on the Rowdy Crowd. She says, “The excitement is real when we throw t-shirts, it helps the cheerleaders want to cheer more because the crowd is involved.” You can tell that the players on the court can feel the crowd when they shoot foul shots. It’s almost as if the crowd’s energy reflects on players. 

The more the crowd cheers, the more hustle the team has. Crowd involvement has always been so fun for the students at snow. Not only are they really into the game, but they are also interacting with each other. Next to the Rowdy Crowd is the amazing band. They play all kinds of songs that the cheerleaders can perform to! The band helps with crowd involvement as they play lots of songs that the crowd can sing along. Students are encouraged to come join and be apart of the Rowdy Crowd and cheer on Snow College’s teams to victory.

Hi, My name is Maddison Price and am a sophomore here at Snow College. I was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Eureka, Utah. I graduated from Tintic High, a 1A school with the population of only 130 students 7th-12th. I have been involved in many sports such as cheer, volleyball, basketball, and track. My favorite sport growing up has always been cheerleading. I have cheered for 7 years, and am currently a cheerleader here at Snow. In my free time I enjoy hanging with friends, exploring, going on road trips and watching movies. After Snow, I plan to go to Utah State University and receive my bachelors degree in Deaf and Communicative Disorders

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