Salt Lake Comic-Con Arrives

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The Stay Puft Marshmello Man at SLC Fan X. Photo by Benjamin Seargeant.

Utah’s largest convention, the FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention, returned to Salt Lake City this past September after skipping out on last year.

Convention organizers and producers expressed eager optimism for the convention’s return and promised that it would be the largest and best one to date. This year featured guest celebrities such as Adam Savage (Mythbusters), Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), and Peter Cullen (Transformers) among countless others.

Tyler Porter, an attendee, had this to say when asked what he loves about Comic-Con, “I think the culture of Comic-Con is one of the main things that I find to be the most enjoyable. It’s genuinely just so neat to see all these people gather and express themselves through cosplays etc. to show the love they have for geeky/nerdy stuff, and that’s something that really does keep me coming back.”

For those unfamiliar, Comic-Cons are a convention where people gather to celebrate comic books and other related forms of pop culture entertainment such as movies, television shows, and video games. Comic-Cons feature a variety of events, from vendors selling and buying a variety of goods to, most notably, panels featuring industry professionals and celebrities such as writers, actors, directors, and other artists.

Logan Chipman, another fan of Comic-Cons and a student here at Snow, found his favorite part of the convention to be a panel named Twisted Toons. “Basically, a whole bunch of voice actors got on stage, did voices and made jokes.” This year, Twisted Toons ran through the plot of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, where five actors would alternate through scenes voicing various popular fictional characters such as Minnie Mouse or Carl Wheezer, placing them into the plot of the movie.

It is typical for fans to attend these conventions in cosplays, or costumes of fictional characters. These outfits often span a wide range from simple dress-ups to full-size functionable mech suits. The most well-known Comic-Con is the one held in San Diego every year, with the annual Comic-Cons in Seattle and New York popular nationwide as well.

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