Say What You Feel, Don’t Type It: Boys Perspective

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Photo By Ashley Raymond

Photo By Ashley Raymond

Breaking up over text, email, or any other non-face-to-face means is an issue that hasn’t been around longer than the current generation. The question that plagues young people today is whether or not it is okay to break-up with someone over text or any other electronic means.

Students have varying opinions on the subject. A male student, asking to remain anonymous answered “No. I just feel like you should do it in person.” Students also claim that the same works for starting a relationship.

Tracey Clements also answered “No” and went on to say that it works the same for anything in a relationship, and explained that if a guy asked her on a date over a text, she wouldn’t consider it a date.

The consensus among students following this line of thought is that face to face interaction is important in a relationship, and that being able to say something difficult to a person’s face shows respect, charisma, and sincerity. Settling for a break-up text feels rushed, cowardly, and insincere.

Most students feel that personal interaction is important in both starting and ending a relationship, however, not all students agreed.

A female student asking to remain anonymous said “Yes. I think it is okay”, but went on to explain “Only if the other person is, like, a creeper.”

While it may seem less sincere and caring to break-up over text, it can be difficult, and potentially dangerous for both parties involved. In some cases of break-ups, the person being dumped can react to the event irrationally, and even violently sometimes.

Students agree the best way to deal with this situation is to take space from the person and do it through a text, or if they insist on doing it in person, do it in a public place.

The opinion seems to be that the best way to break-up with someone is face to face, unless for some reason that person is not the most mentally and emotionally stable person.

Will Barney attended Snow College for two years. He graduated from American Leadership Academy (ALA). After Snow College he is attending Southern Utah University, and plans to get a B.A. in English with a minor in Secondary Education. Will is a Horror connoisseur, and enjoys comic books and video games.

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