SBOs Want Badgers Out of Their Dens

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The SBO’s for 2021-2022. Photo Courtesy of Brady Curtis.

Student Body Officers (SBOs) are students on campus with leadership roles who are in charge of holding events for the students in mind; by students for students.  The President of the SBOs is Brady Curtis and his mission this semester is to get all Badgers out of their dens. 

After a year of turmoil and staying inside, Curtis wants all Badgers to come out of their isolation dens and rejoin their campus community. Seeing imagery to stay “in your dens” around campus last semester made Curtis feel isolated.  Other students also felt this way, on this imagery Grace DeBry said, “ Seeing those signs around campus made me feel like I couldn’t leave my house and have the college experience.” 

According to Curtis, the best way for students to get involved is to join clubs or the Student Body’s Event Planning Committee.  Both of which, students can find more information about at the Student Leadership Office on the second floor of the GSC.  Another way for Badgers to get involved is to attend events planned by the SBOs.  A couple events to look forward to are the Casino Night and Western Swing Nights; so keep an eye out for those events later in the semester.  

On the continuing threat of Covid-19 Curtis said, “ I think I would align myself with the school’s stance.  Take advantage of every resource provided; like the vaccination clinic and free testing on campus. We should do what we can to protect our fellow Badgers”. 

Speaking directly to Badgers, President Curtis said, “Badgers belong. For our student body, that means, you’re a Badger and you belong.  You’re a part of this campus, you’re a part of this student body and we want to do everything we can to make sure that is a positive experience and a successful one.  So our aim is to just put all the resources and opportunities out there for people to get involved and connect with each other.  So I would just encourage everyone to get out of the den and check those out.”

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