Scales and Tails

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The company Scales & Tails from West Valley came to campus to show off the many reptiles and birds they have. The purpose of this showing was to raise awareness and  educate Snow about the different animals.

 On their website, Shane Richins, the owner of Scales & Tails says “if I was to describe what Scales and Tails is I would say that we are a traveling reptile show,an exhibit mostly we go out to locations to bring animals to somebody.” 

Some animals seen at the show were scorpions, a baby alligator, a snapping turtle, and frogs. Some of these animals had dangerous qualities such as a frog that with the liquid on its skin could get someone high or put them on the toilet all night.

Student Marja Wells said, “My favorite part of the show was when they told us these were going to be the most dangerous of the show and opened a bucket with stuffed animal snakes and threw them onto some girls. While she was doing this she said ‘These are demon serpents. Their habitat is your nightmare.”

Snow College has many different fun activities similar to this one. Students can learn about these different activities by signs around campus, the Snow College app, or by following the Snow College Instagram.

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