Science Building Dedication

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President Carlston, Spencer Eccles, Robert Graham, Lisa Eccles and Scott Bushnell cut the ribon for the offical rib-bon cutting for the Robert M. & Joyce S. Graham Science Center Dedication. Photo by Adam Allred

The Robert M. and Joyce S. Graham Science Center has been in progress since 2013. It has gradually made its way up the totem pole until the state finally funded $19,937,000 for it in June 2016.  They held the ground-breaking ceremony on November 5, 2015.  

President Carliston explains how Snow College has been trying to band-aid the old science building. Photo by Adam Allred

Since the ground-breaking ceremony the building has taken shape and transformed into a 56,000-square foot building that is roughly 21,000 square feet bigger than the old building. The building has been named after Robert M. and Joyce S. Graham. 

Robert and Joyce are both outstanding Alumni of Snow College. Both were raised in Sanpete County and attended Snow College, which is where they met. They then continued their college education at Brigham Young University. Joyce graduated with her bachelors in Elementary Education and Robert received a bachelor degree and moved to the University of Utah where he earned his law degree. 

President Carlston was an instrumental part in getting the new science building approved and on Snow’s campus. He welcomed guests to the building’s dedication which was held in the courtyard on October 11th. After President Carlston’s welcome, Snow College’s Jazz Ensemble preformed the musical number America the Beautiful under the direction of Philip Kuehn.  

Spencer Eccles describes different contributions of the Eccles Foundation. Photo by Adam Allred

After the musical number there was a series of seven speakers: Bob Hyde; Okland Construction Project Superintendent, Derek Payne; VCBO Architecture Principal, Seth Robertson; Snow College Student Body President, Dan Black; Snow College Board of Trustees Chair, Spencer F. Eccles; George S. and Delores Doré Eccles Foundation Chairman & CEO, and Robert Graham; Graham Science Center Namesake. 

Following the remarks, the Jazz Ensemble played the song When I fall in Love. The song was chosen because it is a favorite of Robert and Joyce Graham. Once the performance was over Marlin Jensen, a USHE Regent and an LDS General Authority Emeritus, dedicated the building.  

Bob Hyde, Okland Construction Project Superintendent speaks on the construction of the science building. Photo by Adam Allred

For the closing of the ceremony, President Carlston gave closing remarks and then the ribbon cutting commenced. There were four individuals that participated – Robert Graham, President Carlston, Scott Bushnell Lisa Eccles, and Spencer Eccles. 

As soon as the ribbon cutting was finished there were refreshments and tours of the new science building. To close up the celebrations for the day, the college played Apollo 13 on the side of the science building to students and community members alike.   

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