Scott Allred: Employee of the Semester

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Earlier this semester, three people were announced as employees of the semester, one of them being Scott Allred, a counselor at Snow’s Wellness Center. Allred has been with Snow for four years now, previously working at a youth camp in Hawaii.  His reaction to winning this award was mixed. He says, “Embarrassment was one of [the emotions]. I mean we all hope to do a good job, to do well, to do something useful.” 

Mr. Allred is not a fan of being in the spotlight.  He would much rather be behind the scenes, helping students, than be on stage. When asked what he wanted his legacy to look like at Snow, he said, “I hope to be useful and help students succeed. The purpose of the Wellness Center, that’s the bottom line, is to help students succeed at Snow.”

Allred meets with students at the Wellness Center in his office, filled with blue and an ocean theme.  Scott Allred sees the ocean as a healing source, having said that “saltwater heals”. Allred says his favorite part of his job is just talking to students.“ I love it when [students] succeed, especially when they come in and they’re all tangled in knots and they get untangled and on their way. They find out they can do things they didn’t know they could do.”

Allred is popular with students. One of his clients had this to say, “He’s a very humble guy, and he just genuinely cares and wants us to do well in all parts of life.” From all accounts, Allred is well liked and well deserving of this honor, even though he would rather stay in his office helping students.

Emily Parnell is a Sophomore communications major at Snow College. She has a great passion for writing and reading. She joined The Snowdrift newspaper to help her pursue a career in public relations.

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