Searching for the Right Laptop

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Katrina Christensen finally ends her search for the perfect laptop by getting a Macbook Pro. Photo by Tyler Aldous

Katrina Christensen finally ends her search for the perfect laptop by getting a Macbook Pro. Photo by Tyler Aldous

Every school year, it is common for college students to purchase laptops either for the first time or to replace an old one.

When deciding which laptop to buy, students usually want a laptop that works well for homework, but also won’t cost too much money. While technology is often used for entertainment, some students look for a laptop that has fun features.

Lenovo brand laptops occasionally freeze up, which can be frustrating for students who are trying to complete homework assignments. However, some students consider Lenovo laptops to be more affordable than others.

“The screen resolution is pretty good,” said Sadie Leonhardt, a student. Compared to other laptops though, this brand does not have the highest quality camera, which should not affect homework ability, but could be bothersome when trying to video chat with family or friends who live elsewhere.

Lenovo laptops have a battery life that lasts for approximately eight hours. The screen brightness settings are very limited, which can be problematic for doing homework outside.

While some students buy Lenovo laptops, others prefer HP brand laptops.

For students who prefer using touch screens instead of a mouse, some HP laptops have a touch screen feature. HP laptops are available in an assortment of colors, which can add some personality.

“The touch screen’s pretty slow,” said Liz Young, a student. The touch screen should not affect homework ability, but can be irritating.

Another drawback that could be considered frustrating, is that the buttons of the keyboard occasionally get stuck. HP laptops include a decent audio system.

These are just a couple of laptop brands that can be used for studying and entertainment purposes. There are many more options available for college students; they just need to figure out what works best for their individual interests.

Madison Nicole Olsen is a sophomore at Snow College. She loves researching and writing about factual topics. This spring, she plans on transferring to Utah Valley University to obtain a Bachelor's degree in journalism. Some of her hobbies include four-wheeling, camping, and hiking.

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