What is in season this Fall 2016?

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Ally  Fronk  enjoys  the  new  season  beca use  she  is  now  able  to  showcase  her adorable fall wardrobe.

Ally Fronk enjoys the new season beca
use she is now able to showcase
her adorable fall wardrobe.

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to put away the tank tops and sandals for layers and booties. Fall is all about comfort and this is true for designers this season.


Hoodies of every shape and size are in style. Before this season, designers focused on either tailored or oversized sweaters but everything is free game now. Some things that designers came up with for comfort are puffer vest and jackets. They are paired with everything from t-shirt and jeans to evening wear.

If students are in the market for a fashionable coat for this winter, they should consider a puffer coat, a leather trench coat or a navy overcoat. Fur coats are a winter classic and this season isn’t any different. There are also fake furs that are more affordable and less controversial.

School girl jumper dresses are very “in” this fall. Along with the dress style, fashion lovers are seeing turtle necks being placed under dresses to add some flare. Ruffles are being added to dresses and shirts to create a soft look. Destroyed denim showing a lot of skin is a very summery look. To continue the style into the winter, reconstructed denim is popular.

Designers are really putting a lot of little details into their clothes this season. Sleeves in particular are being paid close attention. Bell shaped sleeves are back in style; as are one shoulder, off the shoulder, and one shoulder with a long sleeve. Also extra-long sleeves that go well past the hands are one of the different styles that is being produced.

The fabric of the season is velvet. Everything is velvet from dresses, coats, shirts, skirts and even on shoes. Velvet is super soft and the fashion world is seeing a lot of soft fabrics and patterns. Gray plaid and fall florals in dusty colors are perfect for this changing time.

The colors of the season are pink and yellow paired together, shades of tan, gold metallic, dark purple, and of course pumpkin spice.

The hottest accessories this fall are bags with embellished guitar strapped handles and statement choker necklaces.

These are the styles that the designers have put out for this season, but each individual has their own style. Wear what is comfortable then it is in style.

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