Seeing the Truth

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Stevie Anderson demonstrates how a person’s looks can be deceiving. Photo by Casey Yardley

Stevie Anderson demonstrates how a person’s looks can be deceiving. Photo by Casey Yardley

Every time I go on a first date, I try being my best self because I want to make a good impression. It is very important that I don’t pretend to be something different from what I am. The same goes for my date. I am going to give you some ideas to see past the fake (Identity, persona)?

The first thing is to do something different. For example, find an elderly couple who need help with their yard. This situation is great because you can see if the girl is high maintenance, if she knows how to work, and really, it will be a good indicator of what she is truly like.

The next thing on my list is ask thought probing questions. How are you going to know if your date is intelligent if you don’t ask questions that are about more than what she likes to do?

Pay attention to body language. If your date really doesn’t want to do something, her body language will give it away. She may say she wants to but her body will say differently. Be careful how much you assume from her body language. If you notice that your date is shifty and hesitant when you tell her you are going to be doing service for the date. She could be nervous about getting her outfit dirty, or maybe she is trying to think of how to tell you she recently had back surgery. Don’t just assume she doesn’t want to do it, just ask, and be willing to change your plans.

The final tip I have for you is open up a little. Show her you are a real person, and yes, you will still be a man. I promise you won’t lose your man card. It will help her to feel comfortable opening up.

If you have any dating experiment you would like us to try, write about it. Please let us know at Make a note in your email that it is for Travis. Thanks.

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