Seinfeld Cast Sends Birthday Wishes to Dying Fan

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus and a few other cast members from the 1990’s television show, “Seinfeld,” recorded birthday wishes for a dying fan, Jim Calder.

Many people who have watched Seinfeld, have gotten to know the unique personalities of the characters and enjoyed the humor.  Calder’s son, James, had been having trouble deciding what to get his father for his birthday, when he remembered that Seinfeld was his favorite television show.

Not only was James touched by the kindness of the Seinfeld cast, but so were many other people.  Calder had been battling a rare form of lung cancer for two years, so James and his wife thought that having the Seinfeld cast send birthday wishes would be a meaningful gift that would help cheer him up.

Other than the Seinfeld cast, James had started a Facebook group where many friends and family members also sent videos with their birthday wishes.

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