Semester Scam: Are You a Target?

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Tuition. Jobs. Textbooks. All of these words are normal for college students to hear. But college is a time for learning and investing in a higher education…not in a scam. Scams have been targeting young adults and it’s important for college students to be aware of what is going on. 

In an article from KSL News, there is a list of three different things to watch out for. A warning goes out about tuition scams. If a student receives a call that tuition is due and they have to pay immediately over the phone or else their classes are dropped, it’s better to end the call. Colleges don’t call students over the phone to collect tuition; instead, they contact through email. If there are any questions regarding tuition, students can go to the registration office and contact them.  

It is also cautioned that students be careful about fake job postings. Scammers will post a job promising a lot of money, but it comes with a price. Job lookers are required to deposit a check. Don’t ever pay in advance. The checks will bounce, taking their money. A good go-to job search for Snow College students is Career Badger found here:   

Another scam that is going on is online textbooks. Students like things affordable. Scam artists set up a site on the internet and sell cheap textbooks targeting students. If a person pays, they never get the textbook. Make sure to stay on safe websites and check the validity of the site or the owner.  

College is a time for students to be on their own and make their own decisions, but it’s also a time to be wary of different scams coming their way. It’s good to stick to the rule of, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Stay away.” Stay safe and enjoy this time at college.  



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RandaLynn Waddingham

RandaLynn Waddingham, from Delta, Utah, iscurrently a sophomore at Snow College where she is working on graduating with her Associates of Arts in the Spring. RandaLynn loves writing poems, stories, and music. RandaLynn is involved in many different extracurricular activities, such as: Psychology Club, Institute choir, and Snowdrift. In her free time, she loves to read and listen to music.

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