Serbia Meets Snow

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Photo by Arnold Nyatanga

Photo by Arnold Nyatanga

Monika Eres is a nineteen – year- old freshman girl at Snow College. Born and raised in Serbia. Monika found out about Snow College through her coordinator that offered her the chance to study abroad. She is extremely happy that she took this opportunity because she spent last year in Alaska. Monika loves to travel the world and meet new people. What brought her to Snow College were the scholarship offers, the beautiful scenery and the people after visiting the College last year. Monika misses her friends and traditional food the most.

Monika is a young, energetic, outgoing individual who loves sports. She dreams of one day becoming a business woman and own her own business. She say’s business has always been her passion and can’t wait to finally live her dream after graduating college.

She has many hobbies which include photography, running and hanging out with her friends.  She loves to go on long adventures taking pictures of the beautiful mountains and scenery in Utah. When asked. Monika’s roommate Taesha to describe her and she says she is a spontaneous, easy going, sweet, understanding, motivated and happy girl. She was made my roommate for a reason. Ashley Labrum her Resistant Assistant says she is a spunky girl who can and does get everyone smiling. She is always making you laugh and let’s be honest and point out the obvious – she is a foxy mommy!

Monika’s advice to everyone is be involved , join a club or sport and enjoy college!

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