Sexual Assault Awareness Week

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Benjamin Vance puts a flag in the garden for sexual assault awareness. Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Vance.

On Monday, September 13th, Title IX, who are here to help prevent sexual discrimination and sexual misconduct, with some assistance from the Counseling and Wellness center, started Sexual Assault Awareness Week. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the group held several events designed to help spread the word. On the first day, students were invited to plant flags on the ground near the Bell Tower. This was meant to inform students about the rest of the week as well as start raising awareness.

Tuesday 14 the offices invited everyone at snow college to wear the color teal. This is the color of sexual assault awareness, so wearing the colors is meant to show support and show that this is a safe place. Finally, on Wednesday with the help from the Wellness Advocates they put on a kissing booth, which sounds like it goes against the goal of the week, but they gave chocolate kisses instead.

With the kissing booth finished that is the end of the planned events. This will not be the last week that one of the departments will be doing some sort of event or activity at the school. There also are some concerns about whether these are worth it, Eden Boylan, one of the Wellness Advocates that helped out with the kissing booth said “I feel like the silliness of the activity took away some (of the) seriousness of the cause.” Nevertheless If you feel like you need to report something along the lines of sexual assault or abuse on campus, please visit the Title IX office which can be found on the second floor of the Noyes building in room 233. Or if you would prefer to call then the office number is 435.283.7120.

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