Skate Club Talks Plans For Building a Skatepark

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Skateboarding has been a world-wide, friend-rallying activity for the last two decades. It is a sport that excites and motivates participants, pushes them to exciting limits, or allows for quality spending of down-time. Generally speaking, a common problem that skateboarders face is finding a safe and legal place to skate.

The Snow College Skateboarding Club has confronted this issue as they spearhead the concept of a skatepark in Ephraim. They appear to be one of the few, if not the only organization to tackle this idea in the history of Ephraim City. Dallin Davis, Skate Club’s current President is the driving force behind Ephraim’s skatepark. Finding success early on for a club that started just over a year ago, Davis continues to better the club and the positive impact it has on students. Davis gives us insight on the direction the club is heading and stated, “What we’re doing [as a club] right now is we’re having weekly meetings where people can come and skate and have a good time. [In addition] we’re trying to get a skatepark built in Ephraim.”

Earlier in February, Davis and former club presidents met with the recreation board for Ephraim City. Davis commented on their discussion, “[The] meeting went a lot smoother than I thought [it would]. The vibe I felt in the meeting was that everyone was okay with building a skatepark. They were like, ‘Yeah why don’t we have a skatepark? Let’s build a skatepark!’ So that really boosted my confidence and my belief in the skatepark actually being built.”

Skate club meets at the basketball court of Snow Gardens. Photo courtesy of Dallin Davis

As one who’s been attending Snow for the last two-and-a-half years, Davis as an RA (Resident Assistant for on campus housing) has had to kick skaters off of the suites property. “I just feel so bad that there’s just no place for them to go and skate,” Davis noted. 

The secretary for the club, Deylon Falkner adds, “All the best spots in Ephraim are just places you aren’t actually allowed to skate. Like the stage over in front of the library is a great spot to go skate except you’re not actually supposed to [skate] there. … So just to have a place to [legally] skate would be super cool.” 

Q Drake, the club’s Vice President conveys another aspect to skating on non-skating property, “It’s not necessarily that skaters damage the grounds that they’re skating it’s just that if they get wrecked that’s a huge liability. … So it’s a lot safer for the businesses and for the people that own the places that we’re skating to kick us off because it’s a better idea for them.”

Drake further shares thoughts about the new park, “We’re not just building it for us, you know? Dallin and all of the guys that are in the Skate Club now have been pushing to hopefully make this happen. We’re only going to be here for so long but the skate park is going to be here for the next college generations to come through and all the local kids to grow up [having around].” 

With a meeting with Ephraim’s City Council on March 4, the club presidency feels hopeful and confident with the responses they will receive from the council. To join or get more information about the club, the presidency suggests finding the club on the Snow College app.

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