The Smithsonian Museum Comes To Ephraim

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Photo by Olivia Bailey

Photo by Olivia Bailey

The Smithsonian and Utah Humanities Council have joined up with the Granary Arts Center along with Snow College to put on an interactive exhibit. It will contain artwork from students, community members, practicing artists, along with anybody that would like to join in.

The title of the exhibit is “Journey Stories”.  The focus of the exhibit is on migration, movement, and transportation in America.

A number of activities will be held pertaining to “Journey Stories” from November 1, 2014 until January 9, 2015.

There will be an exhibition held on the second floor of the Snow College Huntsman Library, open to the public.  It will go from November 1 to January 9.

At the Granary Art Center located on Main Street, there will be three different exhibitions.  They will go from November 1, 2014 until February 6, 2015.

The artists would like us to, “consider not where we go, but how we go.”

The first exhibition is “Going this Way.”  The curator of this exhibition is Kelly Brooks, a Snow College professor. “”Going this Way” looks at the traditions and implications of American vacation travel, their ties with leisure and risk, and their shaping of American identity.

The second exhibition is “By Car, By Plane, By Boat, By Train”. The curator of this exhibition is another of Snow’s professors, Adam Larsen, in the Granary Art Center Gallery.  This exhibition explores the different types of transportation, from land, air, or sea.

The third exhibition is “Swapping Stories”. This exhibition is created for all to participate in.  There are cards at the Granary Art Center for you to pick up and create your own “journey story.”   The cards need to be turned in by October 24 to Amy Jorgensen or you can drop them off at the Granary Art Center during open hours.

Any medium will work if it fits on the square piece of paper.  The art will not be returned. It is created to be interactive, so your art may be exchanged with another artist’s.

There are three questions you can choose from to create your artwork.  You only need to choose one of the questions. They are:

1. “Think of a journey you have been on.  What did you bring and what did you leave behind?”

  1. “Think of a memorable experience you have had vacationing; what did that journey say about yourself, your culture, and your identity? You may think of a symbol that memorable experience represents.”
  1. “Using interviews or printed sources, learn about compelling journey or vacation someone else has taken. What makes this journey worth remembering and retelling?” Students and community members are invited to share their stories of traveling.

On November 5, you are invited to attend “How We Go, Why We Go: A Night of Community Stories. “It will be held at the Granary Art Center.

On November 14, there will be a reception held for the different exhibitions. .  The reception includes a performance by the Snow Dance Ensemble, Modern Dance Journeys Through Time.

On November 18, there will be an evening of storytelling.  Local community members and students are invited to attend. Snow Students may participate.

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