Snapchat Update Picks Up Speed

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On October 28, Snapchat released a new update that introduced a set of new filters. Now, Snapchat allows users to fast-forward, rewind, and slow down their videos.

Students have been buzzing about the new Speed Modifiers.

Jake Smith, a freshman at Snow College, shares his experience with the update, “The new update is so cool. My friends and I have been messing around with it, and it is so fun!”

The filters are compatible with iOS and Android. To apply the filters, users need to swipe sideways after shooting a video, and eventually the effects will be applied to the snap.

This is not the first update Snapchat has implemented. Since September 2011, when it was created, many aspects of the app have changed.

In the beginning, Snapchat’s only feature was that it could send pictures that could disappear. Over time the company has updated Snapchat to have videos, one replay of a snap per-day, sharing stories, transferring money, and much more.

Once Snapchat filters arrived, users had a lot of diversity with the app. There was adding text and drawing, light filters, and options to overlay time, speed, or temperature. Then Snapchat introduced location based geo-filters.

Recently, Snapchat implemented the acquisition of Ukrainian startup Looksery that emphasized in live animated effects. Some may recognize it as being the feature that allows them to “puke a rainbow.”

The Speed Modification update has attracted a lot of attention from users. Snapchat stories have been exploding with high and low voices, and rewound experiences.

With all of these changes, what update does Snapchat plan to implement next?

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