Snow Blasts Gone?

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High school recruiting Ambassadors change Snow Blasts to Badger Day because of COVID-19 regulations. 

Despite missing out on some fun activities through Snow Blasts, ambassadors are able to highlight different parts of Snow College with the new recruiting system. With each Badger Day highlighting a different department students are able to choose what they are interested in and meet with some of the specific teachers. 

Kai Kaluhikaua, Ambassador Team President, states, “what’s cool about our day blast is instead of just giving them a fun experience to associate with snow college it’s more of what are you interested in studying and okay we will bring you to Snow and show you what the school has to offer. We still tie in activities and show them what campus life can be like, but it is more personalized so that they are seeing what more they could get out of snow college besides just a fun experience.” 

It’s not just personalized with the specific activities, but with the connection ambassadors can make with the new number of highschoolers allowed at each day blast. Only 25 students are allowed to come to each day blast creating more options for things to do. 

Trevor Bryan, Snow Ambassador, states, “the day blasts have been an opportunity for the lesser known departments to shine. You have more options.” Abby King, Snow Ambassador, adds. “And I think with lesser numbers we can do more.”

To sign up for a Day Blast, and learn about one of the departments here at Snow, visit

My name is Danielle Pidcock! I am a student at Snow college where I have been studying communications and will be graduating this semester with my associates in science as well as a certificate of proficiency in communications. I have been part of the Snowdrift team for about two years and love every part of it. I joined for my love of writing and how it can influence people for the greater good. Hopefully my articles, though they may just be about events here at Snow, will influence readers in a way to love and cherish the life they have been given.

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