Snow Business takes on the Big Apple

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Snow College’s Business Department recently returned from the East Coast as well participating in a travel seminar in New York City.

Snow Business students visited the iHeartRadio studio in New York City. Photo courtesy of Lexy McCormick

14 students and two advisors flew to NYC to focus on forming new networking connections, career opportunities and better their resumes through hands-on experience and counsel.

The group attended the annual PBL Career Connections Conference as part of the seminar, and was able to fit in some extra time to both tour the city and explore other business opportunities. Students were able to experience everything from exclusive business tours to examining the annual revenues of Broadway plays. Plus, it’s near impossible to pass up an opportunity to see Wicked live on Broadway.

Dallin Aston, a business major a Snow College mentioned, “After attending the Business Travel Seminar, I truly believe that I was exposed to the business world in an incredibly unique way. I learned and felt so much; I was inspired by the greatness and success in the city.”

Makayla Butcher, another student who attended the trip said, “I will always recommend this travel opportunity to college students! … I met so many incredible people who are also passionate about business and innovation. Each of them helped me realize the love of business I have within myself.”

While it wasn’t all work and no play, the students who attended were able to expand their portfolios and horizons in the world of business.

“With the amazing travel experience and the professional insights that I gained from the events we attended, it was an experience that I felt was very beneficial to me and one of the highlights of the semester,” wrote Kyler Nelson in response to the trip.

Jacob Clawson grew up in Orange County California where he found a passion for photography, sports and music. Utah had always been the plan after high school as generations of his family have graduated from schools across the state. He is in his second year at Snow College studying Theatre set, design and tech, hoping to one day work in Southeast Asia designing live shows. When he’s not found backstage or writing articles for newspaper he can be found working on his car, traveling or finding the best trails in Sanpete County.

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