Snow Cheer Hosts Mini Cheer Clinic

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Snow College Cheerleaders host the mini cheerleader camp. Photo by April Carver

On Saturday September 9, the Snow College cheerleaders held a “Jr Badger Stunt & Cheer Clinic” for boys and girls ages 3-18.  

 The morning was spent learning a dance, cheer, and stunt which was performed later that day during the football game halftime. They performed after the Badgerettes and then got to watch the Snow Cheerleaders execute their performance. The children also got to meet Buster Badger.  

“Being a freshman on the team and doing camp for the first year has been a great experience. It was wonderful to connect with younger girls who look up to you” said Kamree Pay.  

Mini cheer is an opportunity for young kids to discover a love for cheer and do what some dream of doing. Often it is a child’s first exposure that might lead to them doing cheerleading later in life, either with high school, college, or even All-Star Cheer.  

“I love having the opportunity to get involved with the community, especially with the youth here in Ephraim. These clinics give us a chance to work one on one with different boys and girls giving them an amazing starting block for their cheer careers. It’s cool to think that maybe one day they might be in my shoes doing the same kinds of clinics for a whole new generation. I always look forward to our Jr Badger Cheer Clinics” said Rylee Seamons, Co-captain of the Snow College Cheer Team.  

The Snow College Cheer Team also went to a cheer camp in Las Vegas, Nevada during August before school started. While they were there, the team won a silver bid to a national competition in Anaheim, which they will be competing at in February 2018.  

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