Snow Cheer Team Places Second at Nationals

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Excitement takes over as the cheer team celebrates their win and final time competing together this
season. Photo courtesy of Snow College’s Cheer Instagram

As the Snow College’s cheer team concluded their season, they traveled out to California, where they were able to compete against other cheer teams from around the country. The Badgers competed in this two day tournament, landing them second in the nation. 

There were lots of emotions and mixed feelings amongst the team as the tournament ended, as it would be the last time some of them would cheer for Snow. Aidan Hatch, a second year cheerleader leaving Snow this year, had this to say about the tournament: “I am really proud of the team being able to pull it together for our second performance. The first one didn’t go exactly to plan, but the team came back and killed it.”

Hatch continued “This competition was the most fun part of the year. We got to really bond and come together in preparation and we felt really close at the end. I’m sad to move on from my time cheering at Snow, because it was a really cool experience to represent the school and be known by people. There was a lot of good I felt like I could do with this opportunity.”

Aubree Lambert, who will be returning to cheer at Snow next year, said “Getting second at Nationals makes me really excited because it was a lot of teammates’ first year competing there and we can only get better from here. We will be more prepared and know what to expect.” 

Bronte Matis, another returning cheerleader, agreed, saying “I feel really confident going into next year! Our team definitely had a lot of setbacks this season and it was awesome that we were able to pull through and put out a solid routine at nationals. I think this success that came despite all of our setbacks will only motivate us to work even harder and take home a champion title next year.”

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