Snow College #1 in the Nation

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Snow College is number one in the nation in student success! Among other schools in its category Snow College outperforms every school in the United States.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a third-party publisher that produces analysis of different colleges and universities, and at the beginning of this year they ranked Snow College number one for it’s category. Snow College is considered a 4- year public school that primarily offers associates degrees, and student success is defined by graduation, or transferring to another school to finish a degree.

 For all students that have completed, transferred or is still enrolled Snow College maintains 85% according to The Chronicle. In metrics measured back to 2012 the college outperforms its peers in the top 25 by at least 5% but on average ranks 10% or higher in its student success rate. This is a phenomenal campus with highly trained professors and high performing students of very diverse backgrounds. It is a place that is designed for success.

According to Kellie Christensen, a Snow alumnus, the “small class sizes and qualified professors make the classroom environment conducive to learning.” She also sees the staff at the school as “jointly motivated to see students succeed in all areas of their life.”

In a statement to the staff President Cook said: “This kind of success does not happen by chance. It is an incredible testament to the Spirit of Snow and the hard-working, committed faculty, staff, board members and supporters we have here.”

He also reminded us that “There is no better choice in the entire country for our category of institution.” Which, according to The Chronicle that is a measurable and objectively true statement, not hyperbole. How amazing is that?

Interesting to consider is that certain other factors are considered when it comes to ranking the colleges, including military, disability and missionary service. Snow College is home to a large population of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and many other faiths that have official church missions.

Keeping in mind the diverse needs, and efforts of the students the publication ranks colleges appropriately and provides rounded numbers for easier analysis. Theses ranks, however, are not based on those rounded numbers. Which provides us with a more accurate view of these rankings and stands as a testament to the great work of the students and staff at Snow College.

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