Snow College Badgerette Showcase

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For some particular students, March 7 was marked as the last night to dance as a team member for the Snow College Badgerettes.  

The Badgerette Showcase is the last event of the year for the team to perform and be spotlighted as individuals for their talent in dancing! The team performed seven dance numbers that evening which included dances from football season, basketball season, and two dances that were choreographed a week in advance especially for this showcase!  

Thursday night was special for the Snow College Sophomores as they were recognized for their last year being on the team. There are six sophomores who will be leaving after this year. A sophomore and team officer Sadie Christensen said, “My team was amazing this year! We had the best coaches and got along so well. We really pushed each other this year and when stuff needed to be done everyone made sure to get it done. It was a great year and I’m really going to miss it!”  

The head coach of the Badgerettes is Karen Johnson and the assistant coach is CC Madsen. There are seven remaining freshmen on the team. Both the coaches and remaining team members are looking forward to tryouts in a few weeks and for the upcoming year!  

For anyone who is interested in trying out for the Snow College Badgerettes, tryouts will be held April 27 at the Horne Activity Center in the dance room.  

Kierstyn Christiansen is a sophomore at Snow College. She was born and raised in the small town of Garland, Utah. She graduated from Bear River High School in 2017. After Snow College she is planning on attending Southern Utah University in the fall of 2019 studying and majoring in Communications. Her sophomore year of college she joined the SnowDrift, where she works as a journalist and a design and layout editor. She enjoys sports and being outdoors but she also really loves reading and watching movies. She loves listening to music and going to concerts. She is a very sweet and outgoing person and plans to be successful in her life.

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