Snow College Business Club Competes at State PBL

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On Friday, March 29, the Snow College Business Club travelled to the Snow College Richfield campus for their state Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) competition. Despite being one of the smallest colleges in the state, Snow College’s team had the most members present for the competition.

PBL is the collegiate level of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), where the members travel to competitions and compete in various business-related subjects. Contestants can compete in subjects like Statistical Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and many others.

Snow College student Dash Makota said, “The Snow College business team does a great job preparing students for many of the events which are available. Stacee McIff is amazing because she tells us exactly what to expect and does a great job of breaking the events down so that we perform our best”.  

Last summer the Snow College PBL team was able to travel and compete in Baltimore, Maryland for the national competition—where they performed phenomenally. This summer, the PBL team will be traveling to San Antonio, Texas to compete at nationals.

Shilee Martinez, a Snow College student who competed at nationals last year said, “I had never been to the east coast before, and I had a great time exploring the streets of Baltimore with everyone else from the business club”.

Makota had this to say to any students who are thinking about joining the business club, “Anyone who is thinking of joining the business club should definitely do it regardless of their career path. The business club will equip you with the necessary tools you need to get ahead in whatever job you want to do. It has helped me to articulate my ideas much easier, and that will definitely help me with interviews and interacting with other professionals”.

Martinez said, “The club is filled with amazing people that share some of your same interests. You learn so much and have great opportunities to travel to different places and learn more about business”.

The business club meets on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 in Business Building room 104, and anyone who is interested in the club is welcome to attend.

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