Snow College Celebrates April Fools

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Even though we celebrate April Fools every year, we aren’t exactly sure where is originated from. There are many different thoughts on where it came from.

A few different ideas about the origin of April Fool’s day is that it started when France switched calendars. Before they switched calendars the new year started at the end of March, or first of April, so those who didn’t realize it had changed to January were pranked.

Others wonder if April Fools started from festivals in ancient Rome that took place around the first of April. At these festivals people dressed up in disguises. Another idea of the origination of April Fools is that it is linked to the vernal equinox when mother nature tricked everyone by changing up the weather.

Despite not knowing the reasons, we still celebrate it, and this year there were many different pranks pulled here at Snow College. One big one was Cade Parish and Shaylie pulled a prank on Instagram.

Shaylie posted a few picture of her and Parish ‘getting engaged’ and captioned the picture, “all jokes aside…yesterday was the best, and I can’t wait for forever with my best friend!”. So many people were tricked by this. After she figured out this was a joke, Ayla Lunt, freshman at Snow College said, “Holy Cow, that was a good one. I definitely fell for that it.” She definitely wasn’t the only one who did though.  

There were so many different kind of pranks going on all day around Snow College’s campus. Remember to watch out for April Fool’s next year so you don’t get pranked.

Kamree Tucker is a freshman at Snow College. She has been a part of the Snowdrift since her first year as a freshman and has really enjoyed being here at Snow College. She grew up in the small town of Gunnison, where she attended high school. In high school Kamree participated in drill, volleyball, softball and swim. Kamree plans to get her PHD in the medical field choosing pharmacy as her major. She is fun and outgoing and loved surrounding herself around people. She is always uplifting others as much as she can.

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