Snow College, Did You Know?

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Students at Snow are often unaware of the services that are provided on campus. For example, many students struggle financially and don’t know that Snow has a Career Center which helps students find a job that is fit for them. On campus, the Career Center is located in the portables behind the Business Building.
The Career Center teaches how to create resumes, cover letters, gain job search skills, network with professionals and employers and much more. They connect students and employers to careers, campus jobs, paid internships, and teach students how to apply through an online account.
Snow College provides free mental and emotional health counseling. The Counseling and Wellness Center is also located in the portables behind the Business Building. Professionals are available for a variety of mental, emotional, and situational health issues, including: Anxiety, Depression and Stress. Research done by Healthline Media in 2016, studies show that 39 percent of first year college students were struggling with at least one mental illness.
Snow College has a lost and found. Everyday, students are posting on the Snow College app asking if anyone has found an item that they have lost, or reporting lost items for someone to claim. The Snow College app is a handy app that can help connect students and find their lost items.
The lost and found are located in the Library, Noyes Building, the Greenwood Student Center Mail Room and Lucy Phillips Building in room 109.
Not every college student is able to afford a laptop or other expensive technology that is often required for classes. Students who struggle with the lack of technology or who want to document memories have the option to by using Snow’s services.
The Teaching and Technology Center (TTC), which is located in the basement of the Library, offers useful and fun devices. Students can rent GoPro cameras, iPads, laptops and DSLR cameras.Students are welcome to utilize these devices for any situation.
Students are struggling to write an essay or research paper? Snow offers free writing help in the Humanities building. The writing lab is a place where tutors are standing by ready to help. Like the writing lab Snow also offers a math tutor. These services are welcome to anyone in need so feel free to use them and spread the word.

Asia Young is an eighteen year old from Mapleton Utah. She graduated from Maple Mountain High School in 2019, where she assisted as a peer tutor in the Special Needs program for all four years of high school. During her time at Maple Mountain she discovered that she wanted to become an Occupational Therapist. She also received a scholarship to Snow College and is currently in her first year. At Snow College she plans on getting her generals in science done. After her generals are done she wants to move up north to attend University of Utah for Occupational Therapy.

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