Snow College Encourages Road Safety During Vacation

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On November 23, 2015 in the plaza, Snow College Ambassadors promoted safe driving during Thanksgiving break.

Jayd Mellars, an Ambassador who was helping with the event, shares why they decided to do this as their service project.

“The idea was to remind the college students to wear their seatbelts and helmets over the breaks because there has been a rough history of students getting in accidents while they are traveling to and from home.”

Almost every year a Snow College student has passed away while traveling during the semester or holiday breaks. The Snow College Ambassadors thought it was important to make students more aware of this problem and prevent it from continuing.

Ambassadors handed out donuts and hot chocolate to the students who pledged to wear their seatbelt and not text while driving.

In addition, the pledging students were entered into a raffle with prizes including a long-board, helmets, a scooter, and t-shirts.

Krystle Johnson, an Ambassador, shares why the activity was so important.

“I don’t think that youth realize how important it is to buckle up or keep your phone put away while you’re driving. In a way they think that nothing bad can happen to them. This was a cool way to show how important it really is for students to use safety while driving!”

The Ambassadors worked with organizations like, Don’t Drive Stupid, The Utah Highway Patrol, and Zero Fatalities. They felt these organizations help spread the information about driving safely very effectively.

The Utah Highway patrol brought something called the “seatbelt convincer.” It was used to simulate the feeling of a car crash going about five to seven miles per hour. The simulator taught the students the importance of wearing a seat belt.

In addition, they brought fatal vision goggles, also known as drunk goggles, for students to learn how much being impaired can disrupt perception. Students would try to walk in a straight line. While some were hardly affected, others could only walk a few steps and then they would fall.

Tate Douglass, shares the impact that this activity had on him:

“I don’t wear my seatbelt as often as I should, but this activity has really changed my mind about that. I feel like it would be wise of me to buckle up, and I can do so by putting my seatbelt on before I start my car.”

Other organizations like Don’t Drive Stupid and Zero Fatalities supplied pamphlets, pens, bags, and much more to portray their message to the student body. For example, they shared many facts and stories of individuals who have worn their seatbelt and the impact it has had on them.

The Ambassadors hope that students implemented the concepts they shared in the activity so they could remain safe over Thanksgiving break.

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