Snow College gets in the Festive Spirit

Snow College is not only known for its exceptional educational program, but also for its welcoming environment and diverse students. There are so many different people that attend here with different stories and backgrounds. As the holidays are coming up, Snow students from the multicultural club share their favorite holidays and traditions they have at this time of year. 

Snow College students Adam Allred, Tory Mills and Rachel Biskey prep for Halloween with some festive pumpkins. Photo courtesy Tory Mills

Michael Arce is a student from Los Angeles, California. He decided to come to Snow because it is affordable and a really nice school. When asked what his favorite holiday was and why, he said that it is Christmas. “There are a lot of good memories that come with Christmas. Also spending time with family and extended family. We go to Disneyland for Christmas.” said Michael. Michael also went on to explain some of his favorite family traditions. “Ever since I was little, our family gets together on Christmas Eve, and we read the story of baby Jesus. Then we watch ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’. I appreciate it because you don’t have to worry about the material things, it’s the little things that make you happy. That’s the point of these holidays to leave behind your worries and problems for a bit and just be happy.”  

Carmen Barragan and Angie Morales are both students that attend Snow College. Carmen is from Mount Pleasant, Utah and Angie is from Compton, California. Both come from families with Mexican backgrounds. When asked what their favorite holiday was, both could agree that Dia de Los Santos Reyes. They explained it to be like a ‘Mexican Christmas’ for them and their families. Carmen explained that “during Christmas, we don’t give presents. Friends and family gather around and have a huge feast and just spend time together. We give presents on January sixth. We do this because of what we believe in our religion, that’s when the three wise men came to baby Jesus. That’s why we get presents on the 6th”.  When asked what their favorite tradition was, Angie explains “at dinner we have a big brown bread decorated with fruit all around and inside the bread we hide little babies representing Christ. When they cut open the bread and if the piece you have has a baby in it, you have to make the dinner for the family in February”.  

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