Snow College Outdoor Leadership Program

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Outdoor Leadership and Entrepreneurship, also known as OLE program, offers classes ranging from kayaking and sailing, to backpacking and backcountry skiing. With a classroom in the outdoors, students learn hands-on in the field. 

OLE classes are offered to any student majoring in anything with a skill set from none to pro. Cassidy LeFevre, Snow Student, states from experience, “It doesn’t really matter if you’re a pro at any particular thing. It’s pretty comfortable and easy to go to the classes because no one expects you to be an excerpt at skills.” 

Not only can students learn these skills but they can have a break from their other classes. LeFevere adds, “It’s a good break from other traditional academia classes. I’m in the wilderness first responder and backcountry skiing class, I’ve taken at least one OLE class a semester so I’ve taken the rock climbing class, kayaking, backpacking, intro to outdoor leadership. All of them are pretty fun, I never want to not go because I feel like I would be missing out on something fun.” 

Not only are there options for students to take one class at a time, but the OLE offers an immersion program where students learn  for the whole semester for 15 credits. Dr. Whitney Ward, currently the only professor in the OLE program, states, “In the immersion program you take all of your classes together and were never officially on campus, our classroom is in the uintas, moab, west deseret lake powell, etc.” 

While each class is small Professor Ward encourages students to sign up when saying, “ I think that students could benefit greatly from participating in outdoor leadership and entrepreneurship classes. We would love to have students be a part of the classes.” 

Students look out for those classes that will get you credit while being outside next time registration comes up.

My name is Danielle Pidcock! I am a student at Snow college where I have been studying communications and will be graduating this semester with my associates in science as well as a certificate of proficiency in communications. I have been part of the Snowdrift team for about two years and love every part of it. I joined for my love of writing and how it can influence people for the greater good. Hopefully my articles, though they may just be about events here at Snow, will influence readers in a way to love and cherish the life they have been given.

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