Recap: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

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Snow College students  performing at the performing arts center. Photo by Shay Duncan

Snow College students performing at the performing arts center. Photo by Shay Duncan

Many people love a good musical, and the Snow College Theater was a sure pleaser.

This theatrical year started on a high note with the Snow College performance of the hit MGM musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

“The actors portrayed their characters well, and it was all around a fun night to watch the play.” Said Cheyenne Davis when asked about her experience at the performance.

The story takes place in the frontier setting of 1850’s Oregon, the musical depicts the adventures of the backwoodsman Pontipee clan in their quest to find brides.

During a trip to town, the eldest brother, Adam, gets married to a local girl named Milly, despite the fact that they’ve just met.

The play reaches its climax when the lovesick Pontipee men decide to abscond with the women and make them their brides.

This leads to friction between Adam and Milly, with Milly demanding that they return the women once the pass to the town opens in the spring. This, along with a group of townsmen out for blood, leaves the Pontipees’ situation very dire.

Of course, like in all good stories, love conquers all in the end. The Pontipee brothers marry the girls, while Adam and Milly realize their love for each other alongside their newborn daughter.

Lacey Peterson, a student at Snow College, said, “ I really enjoyed the play.  The songs were preformed well, and the whole story was amusing.”

Filled with laughter, romance, song, and dancing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers begins what is sure to be a great year for theater fans.

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