Snow College Presents: Kazakhstan

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Located south of Russia, Kazakhstan offers a unique culture of its own. On January 23, the Intercultural Club hosted a Cultural Night featuring the country Kazakhstan, where students can get together to learn about a new country other than their own.

Kazakhstan offers a unique landscape, filled with a variety of mountains, deserts and diverse wildlife. The international students of Kazakhstan presented on wildlife, and included the fact that horse is a meal that is served. 

The attendees and speakers at an event hosted by the Multicultural Club enjoy learning more about Kazakhastan. Photo taken by Hayden Dattage

According to student, Kaylee Johnson, International Culture Night was very educational. “I liked how much their culture meant to them as well as their love for soccer and [how] eating horse is a big thing to them as well, but mostly how they very much value their home country.” The student presenters even included that horse tastes similar to cow, but the one meat that they don’t eat is pork because of religious beliefs. 

Kazakhstan also has established a national house known as Urta, which is designed to be both cold and warm during certain seasons of the year. Adding onto the country’s facts, nearly 30 years ago, Kazakhstan became its own country as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The presentation on Kazakhstan offered a new culture to students who’ve never been there or even heard of the country before. 

“I like learning about the world and other cultures so I think that’s the most important part. I also love the food that they offer every single culture night. [I liked] learning about another culture and another country that I’ve never been to before. I find it interesting that all the clothes and everything are really different. It was fun learning about it,” Student, Anabella Torres, remarks in reference to her favorite parts of Culture Night.

At the end of the presentation, there were snacks to go around from the country of Kazakhstan, showing students firsthand what some of the food tastes and looks like. Afterwards, the room filled with conversations in all different types of languages, connecting students on different levels. 

Club President, Agosh Bayramgeldiyev remarked,“The most important thing about the culture nights is that people from different countries gather at Snow College and [international] students can meet American students and have a chance to learn from each other and their cultures.” International Culture Night hosts a lot of different learning opportunities on all sorts of countries.

For those who are interested, the next International Culture Night will be hosted in the Library’s auditorium on February 19 at 6 p.m. Bayramgeldiyev believes that the country Argentina will be presented.

Sara Schoenfeld is attending Snow College for the first time as a Communications major. She grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and found herself in Centerville, Utah her sophomore year in high school. At age 12, a fictional book touched her heart, causing a wishful spark to stir which led her to start writing her own inspirational stories. She continues to aspire towards achieving her goals by inspiring others through her writing.

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