Snow College Soccer Season is Now in Full Swing

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The soccer season has just started, and the last two weeks have been busy for both teams. The first several pre-season games and official matches of the season went well, leaving Snow College with a really good first impression of what is coming.
The next matches will be at the home of the badgers, in which both teams will play against Salt Lake Community College, Snow’s classic and historic rival. The game will take place on April 8 at 1pm for the women’s team and at 3pm for the men’s team.
At the beginning of the season, the captains of both teams seek to put their goals into practice, and make them possible through teamwork and perseverance in the face of the new challenges that await them. Abby Transtrum, captain of the women’s soccer team, has said, “we want to cultivate a positive space that includes everyone. We use the saying ‘IMUA’ every day. It is a reminder that we are stronger together”.
Likewise, she has explained that “because our season was delayed, we have been able to practice a lot. It has been good for us to have the extra time to improve individually and as a team since we are able now able to connect and work better”. This season, the team’s number one goal is to be able to successfully reach the nationals and give their full potential and effort to present a great performance.. . . Continue reading on the Snow College website.

Snow College soccer players are ready for action. Photo courtesy of Snow College’s boys soccer instagram page.

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