To Snow College Students…

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Snow College Students:

Our nation has just completed a presidential election campaign that was unfortunately often negative and divisive in the tone and rhetoric of the major candidates.  In the days that have followed the election outcome many have felt uncertainty and concern about the impact of the results on all Americans.  I want to remind you that President-Elect Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton have both expressed their commitment to work to unite our country and heal the divisions that have been part of the tumultuous election process.  In addition President Obama reminded all Americans,  “We have to remember that we’re actually all on one team…We’re not Democrats first, we’re not Republicans first, we are Americans first. We’re patriots first. We all want what’s best for this country.”  The president also called for all Americans to continue to build a sense of unity, inclusion, and respect for each other so that we can work together as one team.

 I also want to remind all students that everyone is welcome at Snow.  We value the diversity of our student body and campus community, especially our international students and students from all walks of life, religion, and ethnic origin, and are committed as administration, faculty, staff, and students to continue to nurture the Spirit of Snow in helping all students who come here to realize their educational goals and enjoy a positive college experience.

 I urge every one of us to consider these recent messages from President Obama, President-Elect Trump, and Secretary Clinton and remember that we are one team.  Let’s move forward in our efforts to build unity and success for all.  If any of you have concerns that you would like to discuss about the election’s impact please contact Alex Peterson in the Global Engagement Center, Humanities Building (435) 283-7432, Fernando Montano or Paki Moe in the Multicultural Center, Greenwood Student Center (435) 283-7658, or Craig Mathie in the Student Success Vice President’s Office, Greenwood Student Center (435) 893-2216.

 Best wishes to each of you as you work toward the “finish line” this semester.

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