Snow College Team wins $10,000 at UEC

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Saturday, March 1 was a great day for Snow College students Kyle DeGraw and Cody Ruby. DeGraw and Rudy are the creators of the high-quality livestock feeder manufacturing business “DeGraw Customs”.

After winning $1000 dollars at the Snow College Opportunity Quest banquet, Degraw Customs then took their business idea to Utah State to compete against more than 150 collegiate teams. They took home $5,000 3rd place prize and an additional $3,000 for the Stoel Rives Best Technology Award and $2,000 for the Actium Partners Bootstrap Award. Taking home, a total of $10,000.

The co-founder of DeGraw Customs, Cody Ruby, said “I feel like what’s brought us so far is we have a legit business that we’re starting. I think that’s what’s helped us more than anything. You can’t just come up with ideas; it’s got to be do-able.”

What DeGraw and Rudy have come up with is a livestock feeder that is cost efficient, doesn’t waste hay, is portable, and lasts longer than regular feeders.  

The Entrepreneurship Center and all of Snow College congratulates DeGraw and Ruby and wish them the best on their future business!

Kierstyn Christiansen is a sophomore at Snow College. She was born and raised in the small town of Garland, Utah. She graduated from Bear River High School in 2017. After Snow College she is planning on attending Southern Utah University in the fall of 2019 studying and majoring in Communications. Her sophomore year of college she joined the SnowDrift, where she works as a journalist and a design and layout editor. She enjoys sports and being outdoors but she also really loves reading and watching movies. She loves listening to music and going to concerts. She is a very sweet and outgoing person and plans to be successful in her life.

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