Snow College vs. Salt Lake Community College

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Snow College Softball Team has been having a good season. To wrap up the spring break, softball played in a four-game series again Salt Lake Community College.  

The girls fought hard and were able to pull out the win on the first game 6-5. However, Salt Lake Community College won the next game that night 9-6, and the two others on Saturday as well, 7-5 and 14-3. This left the Bruins ranked number one of the Scenic West Athletic Conference.  

On the Friday night game, SLCC had a 4-0 lead until our Badgers were able to get their first run in the bottom of the fifth inning. At the top of the next inning, the Bruins scored again, but we came back with three more runs, keeping it a close game, 5-4. At the top of the seventh inning, the badgers were able to hold the bruins, and then go on to get 2 more runs. Those two runs were able to secure our win of 6-5.  

The Badgers have done well in their season. They are ranked third in the Scenic West Athletic Conference. They have a more games this weekend against Colorado Northwestern Community College here in Ephraim.  

Kamree Tucker is a freshman at Snow College. She has been a part of the Snowdrift since her first year as a freshman and has really enjoyed being here at Snow College. She grew up in the small town of Gunnison, where she attended high school. In high school Kamree participated in drill, volleyball, softball and swim. Kamree plans to get her PHD in the medical field choosing pharmacy as her major. She is fun and outgoing and loved surrounding herself around people. She is always uplifting others as much as she can.

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