Snow College’s Call to Action

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Snow College urges students to participate and fill out their 2020 Census on March 12. Every ten years the government sends out a census to get a count of everyone in the country. 

Based on the information they get, the state representatives, funding, and medicare are affected by college grants, pell-grants, and some school programs; they are making sure that everyone is accounted for because for the next ten years. 

Anyone and everyone sleeping in Utah fills out a Census whether they are an international student or an out of state resident. Wherever an individual sleeps is where the Census is filled out from. 

The Census can be filled out via phone, where 13 different languages are provided, online, or through the mail. Simple questions will be asked about one’s living status and those they live with. No personal information is asked and everything is confidential and protected. 

Snow College encourages people to fill out their Census before they graduate. Ben Scheffner, Student Body President, states, “It’s awesome! I’m Filling mine out March 12 and everyone else should too.” Students could fill out their Census to help shape Utah for the next ten years. 

Danielle Pidcock is a student at Snow college working towards a degree in journalism. She chose journalism for her love of writing and how it can impact people. With her words she hopes to influence people for the better and one day help them live life to their best ability.

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