Snow College’s First Full-Length Feature Film

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History is about to unfold as Snow’s first ever full length feature film will premiere this month.
The film, which has the working title “IBM”, was written and directed by Snow College student Adam Keele. In fact, the entire film was done by Snow students, from the acting to the editing and producing. Shooting for the film started in January.
David Dickinson, who teaches Beginning Film Production, said that the film is a comedy with a definite college humor. “Basically it’s about three naive, misguided students who were given an assignment to do and just completely misunderstand what it’s about and go down a path that they shouldn’t have… and in a very comedic stage, fail miserably.”
Dickinson said that there are great opportunities for students in the film program at Snow. While there are other schools in Utah that have film programs, Dickinson explained that at those schools “they’re juniors or seniors who do it so traditionally you don’t really touch equipment until your junior or senior year. Snow students are doing something that juniors and seniors typically do.”
Students worked hard on the film, according to Dickinson. He said the average shoot was around 12 to 15 hours, with shooting segments about 9 times in the semester. “It’s just a credit to how much talent is at Snow that they’re able to do what typically a traditional institution would do in their junior or senior year.”
The film will premiere on Monday, April 13th at 6:30 pm in the Huntsman Library, room 101 A & B (the auditorium). Admission is free. Popcorn will be provided as well.

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