Snow Comes From Behind to Sweep Southern Idaho 68-59

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After falling to the league dominating Bruins, the Badgers finish off what the Lady Badgers started, claiming a nine point victory to send Southern Idaho back home without a win.

Snow suffered another loss to the league leaders, Salt Lake, on Thursday due to a failure to perform at the free throw line in an evenly played game. Despite the loss, the Badgers claimed their spot in a three-way tie for second place in the Scenic West standings with a 2-3 record.

Tredyn Christensen goes up for a layup, late in the first half in an effort to close the gap between the Eagles. Photo by Jacob Clawson

The Badgers weren’t ready to call it a week though, and prepared to face Southern Idaho for the second time in front of their own home crowd. After losing by 11 points the week prior, Snow came out fighting for every point, but fell short and trailed far behind at the half.

Down by 17, with an increasing deficit, and struggling to find the basket on every possession, something needed to change if the Badgers wanted to come out on top. With just over 12 minutes left in the second half, Snow powered back with tightly run plays and a powerhouse defence that left them within reach of leading the game

With a crowd erupting roar, the Badgers decisively navigated the Eagles defensive to give Freshman Center, Trey Farrer, possession for a slam-dunk to tie up the score. Farrer was able to step up again blocking the Eagles shot, in an effort to regain the lead, allowing Brantzen Blackner to sink a 3-pointer to claim Snow’s first lead of the game.

After a continuation of missed shots from Southern Idaho, Snow took their time, increasing their lead while dissecting the crumbling Eagles defence. Despite last minute efforts and missed free throws from the Eagles, the Badgers took their 9 point leading victory of 68-59, as they ran out the remaining seconds on the clock in front of a loud, rowdy crowd.

Head Coach Robert Nielson mentioned in a post game interview how the game played out for them on the court. “You look at a tale of two halves there. That first half we were back on our heels, and we were just getting punched. Our second half though, we came out and took it right to them the whole time. I guess we learned a little bit about how we need to play and what we got to do to win ball games. That was a great game for us tonight.” 

He continued, mentioning what changed to give Snow their second half advantage. “We did something different, as you saw, to start the second half. We forced the ball to one side and kept it on one side. And I can’t say enough about Trey Farrer stepping up and taking charge. He must have taken six charges tonight and that just really stopped them. That was just really an amazing game for us.”

Even though Nielson didn’t get his 100 point game he was striving for, The Badgers were able to step up and make their coach and school proud. Now sporting the second place position in the conference, Snow only has six more league games scheduled before the region 18 playoffs.

Their next match-up will take place at Utah State Eastern after the Women’s game on Thursday, January 30, in Price, Utah. Following the game, the Badgers will take the weekend off to prepare for next week’s game at home and on the road.

Jacob Clawson grew up in Orange County California where he found a passion for photography, sports and music. Utah had always been the plan after high school as generations of his family have graduated from schools across the state. He is in his second year at Snow College studying Theatre set, design and tech, hoping to one day work in Southeast Asia designing live shows. When he’s not found backstage or writing articles for newspaper he can be found working on his car, traveling or finding the best trails in Sanpete County.

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