Snow Dance Ensemble

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Photo courtesy of Snow College

Photo courtesy of Snow College

Snow Dance Ensemble would like to invite Snow College students to attend their concert on November 21-22 at 7:30pm.

Snow Dance Ensemble has worked hard throughout the year to put together a show based on the theme “Tabula Rasa”.  Rebecca Hess explained the theme as, “A ‘blank slate,’ or starting from scratch and new beginnings.”

Each member of Snow Dance Ensemble was asked to choreograph and present a one minute routine at the beginning of the year and then from there, a select few dances were chosen.  “The theme kind of came after, in bits and pieces.  It all just kind of felt that a lot of them were about starting over and having a blank slate,” said Mary Schilling.

Each dance in the show has its own meaning that goes with Tabula Rasa.  The girls have put their hearts in these dances to make sure they are ready for their performance.

“My favorite part has probably been getting to know the girls and getting to know each other and getting to know the themes of these dances,” said Schilling, “getting to know their personalities and what they are passionate about.”

“I’m stoked. It’s going to be hard, but it’ll be fun,” Hess said.  This is the first big performance of the year for these ladies and would love all the support they can get.

Snow Dance Ensemble would love to see Snow College students at their show.  They would like to show the Badgers a new view on art and dance. “It’s not all about the performance, but it’s more about what you get out of it.  You can take away anything you want from any of these pieces,” said Hess.


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