Snow Football Prepping for History

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Snow College badgers gear up for their football game. Photo by Max Christensen

Have you ever witnessed history being made? This spring, Snow College students will have the opportunity to see that up close and personal. 

A new chapter will be written in the book of Snow College Football as the Badgers prepare for the first ever spring season. Shad Pulsipher, a sophomore defensive end and one of the key leaders for the Badgers this year, said, “This is an awesome opportunity. It’s going to be cold, but that’s what makes it fun. We have a chance to make history in two ways this spring. One being the season itself, and the other is winning a national championship.” With leaders like this, Snow Football looks ready for the uncertain times ahead.

On paper, the Badgers have depth and talent everywhere you look. But potential can only last for so long.Time will tell if this team has what it takes to reach their potential despite the covid distractions.

The man who will lead Snow College Football into this unique future is new head coach Zac Erekson. With this being Ereksons first ever season as a college head coach, he immediately has the opportunity to do something special. On being asked what the biggest challenge has been thus far for him, Coach Erekson said, “It has been trying to keep 140 young men motivated and focused on what they had to accomplish when there was no football in the fall. I’m always trying to make sure we are all on the same page.”

This particular group of Snow Badgers not only has the goal to win every game, but simply to play them. One of the main goals the team has is to play every game with no cancellations on their end. The whole team will have mandatory covid testing every two weeks with hopes to avoid a major spread.

With a future filled with uncertainty, this talent-filled Badger squad looks forward to a successful season as a new era of Snow College Football is set to begin in March.

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