Snow Goes To Nationals

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One of the clubs related to Snow College’s rural location is the Young Farmer and Rancher Club.  In this club, there are opportunities to participate in competitions and possibly go to a national competition representing the school.  That is exactly what Kyle Mitchell, a sophomore at Snow, is doing.  Mitchell is from a small town called Birdseye, just north of Ephraim.  He has grown up on a ranch and it is his dream to continue ranching.

Mitchell had to qualify to compete in this Young Farmer and Rancher Competition that will be held February 13-17.  He qualified by winning the Snow College competition.  Mitchell is one of three college students in the entire state that will make the trip from Utah to Nashville, Tennessee where the competition is held.

He will compete in the Young Farmer and Rancher Discussion Meet.  In this, he will discuss and share his opinion on important topics of agriculture that affect not only today’s agricultural world but also the future of agriculture and the public. He said, “I am not only excited to represent Snow College at the national level, but the state of Utah.”  He continued, “I am honored to be able to be a part of this incredible experience and thank all of those who helped me get to this point.”

Jay Olsen, who oversees the agriculture department and the Young Farmer and Rancher Club at Snow is very excited to be represented in Nashville.  With Mitchell’s vast knowledge of agriculture and ranching, the school will be well-represented.

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