Snow Hosts Skyline Family Health Expo

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Being healthy and living an active life has become increasingly important to many Americans. Skyline Family Health Expo wants to promote health through exercise and education, and interested people can show up at Snow College Huntsman Library on September 12 to learn more.

“We can prevent a lot of health issues by exercising and eating the right food,” Brandie Crane says. This is exactly what the Skyline Family Health Expo wants to educate people about during their third annual Health Expo event. The main purpose of the event is to promote health, and this will be done through classes, workshops, and runs.

This year, you can sign up for a 5K run or a 1-mile fun run. In order to join the 5K run, you will have to register and pay for it. The price is $15/individual, $25/husband & wife or $40/family (up to six people). Snow College students and employees get a 40% discount. When signing up for the run, participants receive a t-shirt and a goody bag, and there are prizes for the top finishers in the different categories. Breakfast with fruit and yogurt crepes will also be available for $5.

The classes are for about 30 minutes, and they will be free to attend, but a donation is suggested. The classes will be yoga, aerobics, and zumba classes, and instructors from campus will be teaching them. There will be games and prizes for kids, acupuncture, massage chairs, and eye exams – all for free. In between classes, there will be drawings with prizes for over $1,000.

The Health Expo event started three years ago because the chiropractic office wanted to celebrate its one-year anniversary. The event was held in the garden behind the office. “We wanted to provide an environment for families to get encouraged and get inspired to live a healthy and active life. We wanted people to take care of themselves,” said Heather Bosshardt, Skyline Family Health Expo coordinator. The Health Expo event has grown and expanded from every year. Last year, including participants in the 5K run, there were around 60-70 people. This year, Bosshardt hopes to see even more people joining the event, and she would love it to be like the Scandinavian festival – something people look forward to every year.

For more information and schedule for the day, check the official website for the event:

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