Snow Looking for Weeds Submissions

The Snow College literary journal, Weeds, is once again seeking submissions in poetry, art, and short fiction and short nonfiction for its Spring 2018 publication. 

Weeds is an annual literary journal staffed entirely by Snow students and filled with content exclusively from students. Judges selected from Snow College staff read and examine submissions in each category before selecting which ones will make it into the final publication. 

Weeds is also published in coordination with the Eris Sondrup Nielson Contest, which provides awards for the best literary works submitted in each of three categories. 

Many of the submissions for Weeds are created in English 2250, Creative Writing, though interested students should know that they do not have to be enrolled in a writing class or an art class to submit written or visual works. 

Weeds is always searching for more submissions. The journal also accepts submissions from nearby high schools, including Manti High, Gunnison Valley High, North Sanpete High, Richfield High, North Sevier High, and South Sevier High.  

Submitting works to Weeds gives students a chance to have outside eyes examine and discuss their art. Even if a submission does not make it into the final journal, the experience can be useful for students who want participate in artistic contests. 

Students with short stories, poems, essays, or works of art who are interested in submitting to weeds can find the rules and guidelines for this year’s submissions as Students with artistic friends are also encouraged to spread the word and urge them to apply. 

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