Snow Meets The Rivals

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Hannah Romeny as Malaprop rebukes her niece Lydia played by Jessie Castleton. Photo courtesy Char’Ree Reynolds

Snow College Theatre performed the play The Rivals by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, adapted by Andrew Nogasky and Andrea Yassemedis, and directed by Andrew Nogasky. The play ran from November 8th-11th.

“[This was] the hardest acting experience, and best, I’ve ever had in my life. [The] hardest was having Andy as my director. The best was having Andy as my director,” said Thomas Dye.

Thomas compared his character to Bugs Bunny when talking about his character work. The cast consisted of Kaylie Pehrson as Tad, Gavin Rouska as Thomas, Jessie Castleton as Lydia, Kate Hartley-Wilson as Lucy, Blake Verdel as Julia, Hannah Romney as Malaprop, Christopher James as Anthony, Thomas Dye as Captain Jack Absolute/Beverly, Jaden Richards as Faulkland, Dean Bressler as Bob, Andrew Bahlmann as O’Trigger, and Brandon Davis as David.

When talking about how it was to act with the saloon doors on stage, Andrew Bahlmann said, “One of the great things about that is it kept us on our toes, which kept a lot of the vibrancy. I think this play thrived on this sense of quick-footedness and urgency, I guess, and so the doors actually played to that, I think for a lot of us.” Bahlmann compared his character to a unicorn for his animal work, because he is shiny and loves himself.

The Rivals was originally an 18th century comedy of manners, but was adapted into a western specifically for Snow College theatre production for the specific use of different props and costumes. The play was set in San Francisco, California, two days’ time in April 1878.

Dean Bressler said, “Bob is extremely rich but he doesn’t really love Lydia. He is after Lydia because that’s what he believes the upper class would do. They would go for the upper class women, so Bob just kind of goes with the flow.”

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April Carver

April Carver

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