Snow Offers Opportunity for Students to Serve

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Lacey Sharp and Ileana Brown clean up trash around campus to get hours for their service learning class. Photo by Taylor Peterson

Lacey Sharp and Ileana Brown clean up trash around campus to get hours for their service learning class. Photo by Taylor Peterson

A Civic Engagement & Service Learning Program is offered to Snow College students, which enables them to combine classroom instruction with community service.

Among these service learning classes is the Intro to Service Learning & Civic Engagement, taught by Professor English Brooks. This class is designed to help students develop their critical thinking and leadership skills. Though Professor Brooks says the course is challenging, he also adds, “It’s fun!”

Student Sam Yung agrees, “Participating in the class we get a lot of knowledge and it makes us more confident in ourselves to make a change.” Through this course, Yung has had the opportunity to organize a food drive for the people in his home country of Burma.

Each student in the class is working on organizing a service project. Another student, Sadie Egbert, says that through the class and projects like these, she’s learned how to take action. “Before this class, I wanted to help the community and the school and people around me but I just didn’t know exactly how to do it. In this class, we’ve learned how to do that and to take action, how to talk to people and plan things and do projects.” Currently, Egbert is coordinating an “Adopt-a-Grandparent” program at the Assisted Living Center.

Other students are working on projects such as collecting school supplies for students in China, establishing recycling programs in the community, and tutoring high school students in math.

Students enjoy that this class is dedicated to group discussion, conversation with classmates, learning about the community, and forming creative ideas to serve. They also say that it is great networking, helping them to find potential job opportunities and adding to their resumes.

For students who want to get involved, there are many service-learning (SL) courses offered at Snow College. There is also the Service Club, which meets Tuesdays at 4p.m. in the Greenwood Student Center.



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