Snow Restructures Administration

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Effective October 1, 2019, Snow College has replaced the Associate Vice President positions with new Provost positions.
Dr. Steve Hood is the new Provost, with Associate Provosts to help him run the new programs connected to the positions. “Their job is to do everything in their power to make sure there is integrated learning—that there’s educational opportunities outside of class,” Hood said, explaining the new positions.
The Provosts are much like the Vice Presidents were—they oversee different needs and departments of the college to ensure that the campus runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.
This is part of an effort being undertaken by the college to tie the different departments closer together.”In a way it simplifies our structure, there’s a Provost, and two Associate Provosts,” Hood said. Melanie Jenkins and Jason Springer will be under the direction of Dr. Hood as Associate Provosts and are over Academic Affairs and Student affairs, respectively. The idea is to make communication across departments more effective.
This is in an effort to follow a trend shown in other colleges, with education, career resources, and wellness resources tied together. With the departments structurally close to each other, elements of one resource will be evident in the rest.
When asked how this will affect students, Dr. Hood said, “The main thing is we’re trying to be more efficient and extend more useful services to students so they can be successful.”
This is a big change for the College, but the changes look to bring positive programs in the future.

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